Functional Nutrition Registered Nutrition Therapist

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that recognises the biochemical uniqueness of each individual. It is based on the concept that all body systems need to be in equilibrium for the body to function optimally. Amanda Turner will work with you to identify which systems may have been challenged over time and to make the connections between what you eat, your lifestyle, your family history, genetics and in particular stressors, that may have influenced your health.

The use of the latest laboratory testing if considered appropriate, may allow a more tailored approach. Well-balanced diet and lifestyle factors are always the priorities when designing a programme, however it may be appropriate for additional support, to consider the use of supplements to ensure the body’s nutritional needs are met. Nutritional therapy using the functional model may support the following:

  • Optimal digestion (including absorption and elimination)
  • Healthy handling of toxins and metabolic waste
  • Healthy hormonal balance
  • Healthy nervous system and stress management
  • Supporting optimal immune system functioning
  • Underpinning transportation (e.g. cardiovascular and lymphatic function)
  • Support healthy cellular energy regulation and maintain optimal energy
  • Maintaining structure (including the musculoskeletal system)

All nutritional programmes are negotiated between us so that practical, realistic, healthy improvements to your diet and lifestyle can be made at the right pace for you, while meeting your needs, goals, personal tastes and budget. This approach does not diagnose nor treat disease, nor replace medical advice. Instead, and in collaboration with your doctor, it aims to identify any potential imbalances in your nutritional status and how you may be able to use personalised nutrition to support your gut health/bone health/metabolic health/heart health/management of stress/etc., and develop personalised nutrition which works for you.