Nutrition Advantages Registered Nutrition Therapist

Nutrition Advantages

Personalised Nutrition Therapy offers the advantages of promoting physical and psychological well-being and thus enabling individuals to take their health back into their own hands as much as possible.

Appropriate rebalancing of diets and nutrition is a skilled task and Amanda Turner’s Nutrition Tuition focusses on inspiring committed individuals to make long-lasting changes through education in order that they enjoy new eating habits and more vibrant lifestyles.

There is a logical link between a healthy diet, optimum nutrition/digestion and supporting the immune system (1) , but what exactly is a healthy diet for YOU?

A government national survey has shown that the average British diet is still falling well below the minimum standard set to avoid illness (2).

Furthermore, it is thought that, together with poor eating habits, the nutritional qualities of relatively-recently introduced foods may not always support good health in Western civilization (3).

Instead, personalised nutrition programmes providing adequate nutrition support (4) may promote good health (5). There is growing awareness that the profound changes in the typical living environment (3), together with concerns about nutrient content of many modern Western diets, call for significant alterations in the direction of a healthier lifestyle and eating habits with ideal fluid intake (6) to optimise health and potentially prevent some diseases (5). Consulting with Registered Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Amanda Turner BSc (Hons), BA (Hons), could help you further to understand the health benefits of enjoying an eating plan which has been tailored to your specific requirements.

Motivation through Education – AT Nutrition Tuition aims to empower you to make informed choices on balancing your diet, by explaining potential benefits of making your long-lasting changes: For example updating you on research-based benefits of:

  • Sustained low-glycaemic-load Mediterranean-style diets or Palaeolithic eating plans (7, 8)
  • Eating the right wholegrains (9)
  • Diets rich in vegetables and fruits (10), herbs and spices, seeds and nuts (11)
  • Supporting ideal dietary fibre intake (12), modulating beneficial gut flora aimed at sustaining health (13), and discussing potential beneficial effects of pre- and probiotics optimising host metabolism (14-16). And lots more.


1. Translating evidence-based science into your personalised nutrition programme

2. Value through tailor-made, client-centred, evidence-based nutritional programmes

3. Optimal health through nutritional bio-chemical intervention